Xbox One And Steam Cross-Play Feature Being Worked On – Rumor

Cross-play has, most to a pleasure of a vast series of people, flourishing in superiority in new months, and this latest growth competence be one of a biggest stairs brazen yet. A new refurbish expelled for a Steam Beta suggests that built in cross-play functionality for a Xbox One has been combined into a client’s complement files.

As speckled by a user on ResetEra, one of a files in a Steam Open Source Multiplayer Matchmaking files bear discuss of “pairing” with Xbox games. Several Xbox One titles (and PS4 titles as well, for that mater) already concede cross-platform play for PC games- this, however, is opposite since it’s built right into Steam itself as an open source feature, that opens adult possibilities for a same even further.

This isn’t petrify by any means, though a existence of these files is positively interesting, and competence advise good things for a future. For now, it’s best to take this with a pellet of salt. That said, it’s been a good few days as distant as pulling cross-play brazen in a attention is concerned- recently, Epic Games expelled it’s cross-play API to developers for free. Read some-more on that by here.