WWE 2K19- 2K Sports Reveals Details On Brand New Towers Mode

wwe 2k19

We’ve been means to learn utterly a bit about WWE 2K19 so far, including who a cover star will be, what to expect  from a singular edition, and so on. Now we’ve finally been means to learn about what will be new in this diversion in terms of tangible gameplay. In a new dev blog, a developers common sum on a new Towers feature, that will concede players to go adult opposite opposite opponents with opposite challenges.

There will be opposite Tower hurdles that will be formed on singular themes, such as ‘The Women’s Revolution’, in that players will have to go adult opposite a stream register of women wrestlers. Towers will also be of opposite types, with a Gauntlet form requiring we to finish a whole Tower in one session, while we can take your time with a Steps Tower. You can also design to see mixed compare forms in a Towers Mode, so there will be no miss of variety. Some matches will offer additional buffs to players and opponents to make things some-more interesting.

You can get some-more info on a dev blog by a couple above. WWE 2K19 is set to recover for a PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Oct 5.