World War 3’s Latest Update Adds Team Deathmatch, New Map, and More

World War 3

The Farm 51’s tactical multiplayer initial chairman shooter, World War 3 entered Steam Early Access final month, after some-more calm has now been combined to a diversion for early adopters to exam out. Plenty of poignant new calm has been combined into a diversion as partial of refurbish 0.2.

Most important of it all is a group deathmatch mode of a 10v10 variety, while a new map, called Warsaw Shopping Mall, is also partial of a update. A new arms (MSBS Bullpup), a new car (IFV Boxer), and a new uniform (Russian Partisan) have been combined to a diversion as well.

There’s a new parent complement in place as well, while stream parent locations on maps have been tweaked. Meanwhile, a Vepr has been nerfed again, now carrying some-more recoil, an thermal scopes of a middle magnification accumulation for Thor SM and MM and of a high magnification kind for the Odin LM have also been introduced.

You can check out a full patch records below.


  • New gamemode: Team Deathmatch,
  • New map: Warsaw Shopping Mall (TDM only),
  • New weapon: MSBS Bullpup,
  • New vehicle: IFV Boxer,
  • New uniform: Russian Partisan,
  • New car armor: RPG nets for IFV Boxer and IFV Bumerang,
  • New parent complement (TDM usually for now!).


  • In-game grenade selector (just like gadget),
  • Backend: Progression complement (first pass),
  • Thermal scopes (first pass),
  • Backend: Item unlocking,
  • Backend: Server authentication,
  • First tests of a changing day/night complement (TDM map only).


  • Added Thermal scopes: Medium-magnification scopes (Thor SM, MM) and high-magnification (Odin LM),
  • Added a new attack rifle: MSBS-B. It’s chambered in .300 Blackout giving it improved repairs than other Western rifles though during a cost of most bigger bullet drop, high repairs dropoff and clever kick,
  • Vepr nerfed again with increasing recoil,
  • Tor repairs reduced, creation it usually somewhat some-more absolute than a G29. However, due to .50 cal’s  AP opening it should understanding some-more repairs when attack a rivalry directly into a chest plate,
  • Sniper rifles had their bullet velocities lowered (turns out they were bugged and behaved like hitscan weapons), they should be allied to ARs now,
  • RPGs nerfed: Reduced blast radious on simple warheads, reduced repairs and repairs falloff on Frag warheads (this should make them used essentially for weakening and injuring enemies over a incomparable area and not for murdering them with a inexpensive shot),
  • Adjusted a Frag RPG warhead to make it some-more simply tangible (it’s brighter, some-more gray/brown-ish in colour),
  • New antecedent arms nozzle flashes. They should have somewhat improved opening and demeanour better, greatfully give us feedback wether or not do they impede your prominence while shooting. If anything will be off we will be tweaking them,
  • New molecule effects for Support Strikes: Artillery, Airstrikes, Carpet Bombings, now it’s easier to compute that one is being used,
  • Fixed dash repairs for 25mm size rounds, now dash repairs decreases scrupulously with a radius of a blast (the serve from a core of blast a obtuse a damage),
  • You can no longer safe while reloading,
  • Tweaked parent locations on all maps,
  • Added optimized light to all TPP nozzle flashes,
  • And more.


  • Fixed object names and descriptions on popups,
  • Marking should be bound now,
  • Radar Equipment for UGV works as intended,
  • Mini UGV does not accept decals from a environment,
  • Lance RC turret fume grenades’ fire properly,
  • T90 turret induce attaches properly,
  • Proper drop meshes for Falcon turret optics,
  • Lower attachments count on certain car armors (Anders, Marder, and T72). It should outcome in a slight opening boost,
  • Fixeds in left palm position on certain handguards,
  • Fixed damaged materials on some emblems,
  • Fixed ammo arrangement in customization,
  • Weapon calibers should now arrangement properly,
  • Fixed animations for Glauberyt SMG,
  • Fixed measure for punishing players,
  • Destroyed vehicles no longer seem repairable for correct kits users,
  • Fixed antimeterial rifles traffic large repairs to car turrets,
  • Fixed a bug where after initial login equipment were unlocked,
  • Fixed a bug with resetting customization,
  • Fixed a bug where infrequently unbarred equipment couldn’t be equipped,
  • Various discuss fixes,
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented CPU Performance Boost from being disabled,
  • Fixed support for imprinting not working,
  • And more.


  • Reworked nozzle particles to revoke FPS drops when firing,
  • New impact particles,
  • Lowered connection count on certain car armors,
  • Level streaming improvements,
  • Collision optimizations,
  • Continuous optimization bid on all fronts.


  • Changed “Performance Boost” to “CPU Performance Boost” to improved simulate what it’s for,
  • Tweaked RPG explosion,
  • Flash hiders are now functional,
  • Added discuss window to outline screens,
  • Adjusted blast radii for 25mm rounds to a bound dash repairs values,
  • Anti-Tank mines repairs reduced to 600, now 2 mines are compulsory to destroy a vehicle,
  • Improved UGV continuance opposite RPG projectiles: 1 Tandem or 2 Single Stage are adequate to destroy a UGV,
  • Reduced fume grenades uses from 5 to 2,
  • Reduced bounce possibility on 25mm projectiles,
  • TDM outline shade map arrangement name,
  • Reworked armor pricing and masses,
  • Changed P: to L: given we’re display latency to a server, not true ping,
  • Tweaks to thermal prophesy postprocess,
  • Menu thumbnails updated,
  • Various animation tweaks (idles, reloads),
  • Matchmaking improvements,
  • Many some-more teenager tweaks and improvements.