Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One

Twitter needs to figure out a approach to continue to grow — and it positively seems open to looking into a lot of new places outward your phone to figure out how to do that.

Today, a association pronounced it is rising an app on a Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV, that will concede users to perspective Twitter calm by a apps on their televisions. That includes live streams of 10 NFL Thursday Night Football games, as good as other live streaming footage accessible on Twitter. On a Apple TV, users will be means to perspective live streaming and tip tweets corresponding on their televisions, as good as tip Vines and Periscopes.

So this is an engaging one for a integrate of reasons: First, it opens adult a whole universe of live streaming calm to Apple TV and such owners. That’s going to be a bonus for cord cutters that are always on a hunt for new content, and as Twitter continues to pointer new partnerships with organizations like a NFL for additional live streams, it’s going to open a lot of doors to new calm for people who aren’t meddlesome in investing in wire subscriptions.

apple tv chatter vine

Secondly, and also eyebrow-raising, a association pronounced that people don’t need a Twitter account, nor wire or satellite subscriptions, to entrance HD Streams. It’s worth paying courtesy to a supposed logged-out users, that are harder to lane and aim due to a miss of an seductiveness graph. But those users can still devour Twitter calm — and a lot of that calm is expected consumed by placement in front of logged-out users.

Twitter has an event to get a calm in front of a ton of new eyeballs with an app like this. Instead of simply treating a app as something that serves as a bit of a second screen, it shows a association is peaceful to try new kinds of form factors and intensity platforms to get a best of Twitter in front of as many people as possible.

For example, only a few days ago Twitter launched an Alexa app. With that app, users can listen to a latest tweets and essence by an Echo speaker. Again, we’re articulate about a new form cause — and it again shows that Twitter is clearly meddlesome in looking over only a normal second shade knowledge it’s been famous for. (It also speaks to a augmenting significance of a Alexa ecosystem, though that’s a bit of a opposite story.)

As usual, a some-more eyeballs it attracts, a some-more promotion it can attract and partnerships it can continue to pointer if it shows that it’s means to emanate a rarely intent assembly around live events. An app tied to live streaming on a Apple TV, of course, creates a lot of clarity since live events have always been Twitter’s honeyed spot, either that’s a Super Bowl or a Olympics, or a election.

Twitter’s core app expansion is clearly stalling a bit — and it’s punishing a company, with a batch down roughly 35% in a past year, and copiousness of quarterly misses to go along with it. It’s going to have to get artistic in sequence to re-ignite expansion and uncover a world, and Wall Street, that it can be a clever eccentric association that can broach certain results. And that eagerness to step out of a comfort section might be a good pointer that, during a really least, they’re going to demeanour for a subsequent era of a Twitter knowledge over only 140 characters.