Tom Clancy’s EndWar and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. Are Newest Backward Compatible Games for Xbox One

Microsoft has announced, around a chatter done my Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, a newest collection of Xbox 360 games that are playable on Xbox One around a back harmony program. Tom Clancy’s EndWar and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. are not quite special or noted games, though both have their fans, and H.A.W.X. especially fills in a niche that is frequency addressed in a marketplace these days—it’s a unequivocally fun aerial fight game.

That said, we do have to already possess a game—H.A.W.X. was delisted years ago, and we can’t indeed buy a diversion from a Xbox Store anymore. Of course, if we possess a disc, this won’t be a problem, and we can only cocktail it in and play a game. Conversely, EndWar has no such considerations, and we can collect it adult digitally from a Xbox Store now if we wish to.

Now that these games are out, maybe Microsoft can finally put Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on Xbox One around back harmony shortly too…

If you’re looking for other Xbox 360 movement games to play on your Xbox One, a strange Just Cause was recently combined to a back concordant list, too.