Toilet unblocking hack that ‘always works’ and doesn’t use chemicals

A cleaning enthusiast has shared a quick method to unblock you toilet without having to use any chemicals, and, better yet, they say it “always works”.

Unblocking a loo can be an unpleasant chore that occasionally needs to be done.

At times, when dealing with a particularly stubborn clog, it can feel impossible to remove it without seeking the aid of professionals – which can prove costly and inconvenient.

Fortunately, there’s a simple trick circulating among tidying fanatics across social media platforms, eliminating the need for pricey plumbers visits or the use of possibly harmful chemicals that could potentially exacerbate the issue, reports the Daily Record.

This handy tip surfaced after one woman turned to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook community for assistance on how to unblock her toilet. She outlined the various methods she’d attempted but to no avail.

She explained: “Hi All. Looking for some advice. Our downstairs toilet is blocked and I’ve tried things such as white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, chucking buckets of water down, steradent tabs and nothing is removing it. I know it’s cat litter (don’t ask) so I presume it’s further up the pipe.

“I’ve used a rod but that doesn’t work either apart from small bits. Is there any fluid I can use that’ll dissolve the blockage?”

White vinegar and baking soda are often hailed as the go-to duo for unclogging toilets and sinks, thanks to their ability to dissolve gunk and get water flowing smoothly once more.

However, in a surprising twist, savvy individuals on a social media group have recommended a more tactile methodemploying an old-fashioned mop.

One member advised: “A old fashioned mop to use like a plunger ,that’s what I used once it did the trick.”

This suggestion was met with nods of approval from the online community, with another chiming in: “That’s exactly what I do, always works.”

Another concurred: “Put your mop down the toilet and use it like a plunger for at least 5 minutes.”

Meanwhile, a third shared their own tried-and-tested technique: “I keep an old string floor mop for such times. It acts as a plunger and has always worked for me. I keep it out in the shed when not needed for unblocking.”

Some members pointed out the importance of creating a tight seal around the mop before attempting this hack. This can be achieved by wrapping the head with two plastic bags and securing them with a rubber band.

Then, proceed to thrust the mop back and forth as you would with a standard plunger. For those without a spare mop, budget-friendly options are available for as little as £2.99 at The Range or £6.59 on Amazon.

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