The Quiet Man – First Gameplay Footage Showcases Combat And Storytelling

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man was announced behind in Jun and Square Enix had betrothed afterwards that we would be means to see some-more of a diversion in August. Well, it’s August, and they’ve kept their word, as they’ve shown copiousness of gameplay footage for it around a livestream, that we’ve embedded next for your observation pleasure.

The tide was hold progressing currently with a game’s producer  Kensei Fujinaga benefaction for it. It looks like a diversion is perplexing to broach a cinematic experience, that explains because it uses live movement footage instead of cutscenes. Even during fight sections, there are some cinematic elements, such as flashbacks that start while you’re fighting. While we can see a impression travelling from one place to another, it seems like gameplay is some-more linear, with a actor holding control of a impression especially during fight sections. While some of a cinematic movement moves are nice, it does feel like fight isn’t really fluid.

You can check out a gameplay in a video next starting from a 39th minute. The Quiet Man is being grown by Human Head Studios and is set to be expelled for a PC and PS4.