The NLRB says Apple interrogated and coerced employees in Atlanta

Apple illegally interrogated and made coercive statements to employees during a union drive at one of its retail stores in Atlanta, Georgia, according to a ruling from the National Labor Relations Board reported on by Bloomberg. The company was being investigated as the result of charges filed by the Communications Workers of America, which has previously claimed that the company’s actions “made a free and fair election impossible” at the location.

The NLRB’s regional director “found merit” to the allegations as well as ones that Apple held captive-audience meetings, according to Kayla Blado, a spokesperson for the regulator. Apple will either have to settle the case or face the NLRB filing a complaint against it. The regulator can’t levy financial penalties, but either path could result in Apple being forced to put up signage at the location and issue other communications that inform workers of their legal rights.

Outside of Atlanta, there’s been movement on unionization at other Apple retail locations. Workers in Maryland and Oklahoma have voted to organize with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the CWA, respectively, while other campaigns have sprung up and withered. In other locations, efforts are still ongoing.

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