Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets New Video Highlighting Graphical Improvements in Stages Over Wii U Version

The Switch isn’t that many some-more absolute than a Wii U- yet we wouldn’t know that by only how many of a facelift a stages in a diversion have gotten compared to a superlative Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, that launched on Nintendo’s uneasy console 4 years ago, and served as a bottom for this new game.

YouTube channel GameXplain has posted a new video, highlighting how a stages that Ultimate shares with a Wii U diversion have perceived estimable graphical facelifts- in a lot of cases, these improvements are teenager and pointed (though transparent adequate that we know right away Ultimate looks better). However, in some cases, a enhancements and improvements are staggering. Director Masahiro Sakurai unequivocally knows how to get a many out of any hardware he works on (remember how great Super Smash Bros. and Kid Icarus Uprising looked on a 3DS?), and Ultimate looks like it will be no different.

You can check out a video for yourself below. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out on Nintendo Switch on Dec 7.