Shadow of a Tomb Raider Review – A Solid End To The Trilogy


Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Reviewed On: PC
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Singleplayer: Yes
Multiplayer: No

If there’s one thing that I’m always going to feel unhappy about when it comes to a rebooted Tomb Raider authorization it’s that Lara Croft never once picks adult her overwhelming twin pistols. No, for some reason this iteration of a tomb raiding badass focused on her bow, that usually isn’t as cool, we reckon. Ah well. This third diversion outlines a ostensible finish of a trilogy, and is also a usually diversion of a 3 not to be grown essentially by Crystal Dynamics who this time insincere support duties to Eidos Montreal. So, does a array go out with an bomb arrow or one of a barbarous hideous genocide scenes?

Well, a tract certain doesn’t make a best impression. The story is mostly pristine nonsense that involves a sorcery box that can presumably reconstitute a world, and once again a cloudy organisation famous as Trinity wants it for their possess agenda, and so in a impulse of irrationality Lara grabs a specific intent that is compulsory to make all this hocus-pocus go down and winds adult incidentally causing a large disaster that kills a whole garland of people. Huh.


Yeah, Lara kicks off this final diversion in a trilogy as a rather unlikable character, her mania with Trinity and her guileless inlet ensuing in outrageous drop and a fibre of reticent choices. It’s an engaging approach to start things and presents a lot of opportunities for impression growth, generally given she is once again boring submissive best crony Jonah along with her and there are moments on a tour where it looks like he’s finally going to give her a written smackdown she needs. It never comes, though, and instead we felt like a diversion constantly danced around what Lara has finished and is doing in a name of defeating Trinity nonetheless truly doing something engaging with it. The subject is brought adult with one impression even indicating out how many murdering Lara herself has done, nonetheless it’s never tackled in a unconditionally gratifying way.

But we do get some glorious voice behaving from Camilla Luddington who plays Lara, while a rest of a expel is roughly equally brilliant, delivering a infrequently clunky discourse as best they can. Great facial and physique animation assistance sell these characters as genuine people, too.

Credit contingency also be given to a writers for attempting to give a primary knave of a square some context for what he’s doing. While it goes a bit bonkers by a end, his motivations during slightest make some sense.

Once again we get a beautifully delivered tour from start to finish with a clever cinematic flair, a unequivocally same impression that drew so many comparisons to a Uncharted authorization when a Tomb Raider array got rebooted in 2013. With all a settings ramped adult to max this is one pleasing looking game, notwithstanding not carrying as many sundry environments as Rise of a Tomb Raider. This one takes place roughly unconditionally within unenlightened jungle and ancient hull nonetheless a developers still conduct to squeeze in heaps of extraordinary perspective to drool over, and their cinematic eye when it comes to displaying that perspective or delivering an epic set square is still positively on point. There are some moments when a movement gets too insane, including a badass impulse where Lara fundamentally becomes Terminator and goes on a rampage, nonetheless given what a array has finished so distant you’ll substantially take it all in stride, with maybe an eye-roll here or there during usually how stupid it has become.


Of course, a large doubt is how good a trilogy wraps itself up. After 3 games do we get an culmination that will leave us satisfied? The answer is formidable as a culmination delves heavily into a series’ abnormal and visionary elements while a singular impulse unequivocally left me divided on either it should have played out like that. With that pronounced we do get to finish all on a good note that doesn’t tighten a doorway on destiny games, that is excellent by me.

On a gameplay front Lara already has dual games underneath her belt, so by this prove she’s a approved badass able of unctuous around like a ninja and gunning down enemies in equal measure. The volume of times we have to get into true fight has been toned down utterly a bit given Rise of a Tomb Raider, nonetheless Lara still manages to shelve adult utterly a physique count by a finish of a game. Combat has been tightened adult so that a ubiquitous gunplay feels some-more in-line with a dedicated shooter, nonetheless there is still a clarity of familiarity that creates aiming during tighten operation feel clunky. Still, it’s plain adequate things and shootouts are sparse adequate that they are always fun.

As for unctuous around all a basis still apply; underbrush will keep we magically hidden, one-button takedowns let we now murder a crap out of everybody and there are copiousness of throwable objects to act as distractions or to qualification into things like Molotov cocktails. One change is that Lara can now churn herself in sand that lets her censor adult opposite unwashed walls before leaping out to gash someone in a neck. It’s a good further to some already flattering gratifying secrecy mechanics that have we doing all a common stuff; disreputable present takedowns, regulating thrown objects as distractions and spasmodic stringing people adult from a branch. Not many has indeed altered here ultimately, nonetheless unctuous by pushes before putting a blade in someone or boring a ensure underwater is a lot of fun.

Later on, an intriguing problem is presented by enemies with thermal goggles who can see we stealing in bushes, a impulse where it feels like a diversion honestly wants to supplement a correct barrier to your cat-like murdering of everybody in a ubiquitous vicinity. But afterwards a diversion seems to desert a possess thought by indicating out that covering yourself in sand negates a goggles, and willingly plops sand down within easy strech before frequency ever regulating a goggle judgment again anyway.


A lot of a diversion now takes place underwater, with large sections clinging to navigating a nautical hull both in a categorical storyline and a delegate side-quests and plea tombs. Games and H2O have had a flattering stretched attribute over a years (god damn Water Temple) nonetheless a devs have finished a good pursuit here by delicately popping down pockets of atmosphere and creation certain that we don’t get held adult in perspective or anything like that. It indeed seems dumb to have enclosed ability perks that concede Lara to reason her exhale longer as it takes divided from some of a tension.

Platforming has gotten a few additional things added, so now Lara can rappel down cliffs or into a atmosphere regulating her climbing axes before afterwards overhanging behind and onward for a large burst or regulating opposite a wall, opening adult some fun new twists. With a assist of some crampons she can now stand upside down, too, precariously swinging over hundreds of feet of lifeless air. There are some issues with a animations where Lara doesn’t convincingly seem trustworthy to a sourroundings or where a production go floaty so she can make a jump, and we unequivocally hatred regulating a rope-axe to pitch since it has a uncanny movement detriment that feels unconditionally unnatural, nonetheless for a many partial left-handed around a sourroundings is usually as fun as it has been in a final dual games. Still, some additional work to a animations to assistance give Lara a improved clarity of weight when leaping, climbing and slamming axes into precipice walls could have unequivocally helped to rouse a traversal systems.

Of course, we can’t accurately call a diversion Tomb Raider if there are no tombs to be raided and value to be plundered by someone who is apparently all too happy to take a artefacts of other cultures. There are a garland of discretionary plea tomes sparse around to find and beat, any charity a opposite impression of nonplus that typically revolves around regulating simple production and platforming with your prerogative being a new skill. These tomes offer some of a best fun in a whole game.

Because we mentioned skills there let’s hold fast on levelling up, that is honestly kind of dull. There are a garland of unlockable skills, nonetheless so many of them feel totally disposable. we mostly wound adult with points usually sitting there unspent.


I’ve got to pronounce about a problem options and how we would adore to see a identical complement implemented in other games. Basically, Shadow of a Tomb Raider lets we adjust a problem of combat, traversing a sourroundings and puzzles separately. Turn adult a problem for platforming, for example, and a small white damage outlines that prove something we can stand on will be removed. It’s a neat idea, nonetheless admittedly if we spin off a white paint unconditionally it becomes a box of guessing that things are indeed climbable, indicating that a core diversion pattern indeed relies utterly heavily on a paint outcome to work.

It’s not until we strike a jungle city of Paititi where we consider Shadow of a Tomb Raider manages to step divided from Rise a small more. There are a integrate of areas that act as hubs from that we can check out a internal area, but Paititi is a categorical one and from there we can embark on a good cube of a game’s many side-quests or usually explore. Sadly many of these discretionary missions underline pretentious essay and rest heavily on creation we run from prove to point, nonetheless there are a integrate of corkers to be found. And usually exploring Paititi can be a lot of fun, generally if we capacitate a choice to have everybody pronounce in their local language, nonetheless Lara herself will continue to jabber divided in English for some reason.

Crafting earnings solely now there is even some-more things we can collect adult afterwards use to fast toss together special arrows and ammo types, as good as qualification one of Lara’s many intensity outfits, including a few classical Tomb Raider skins. Now we can put together such fun things as arrows coated in a special reduction that drives an rivalry mad, forcing them to open glow on their comrades before dying.

Mechanically Shadow of a Tomb Raider is a best of a series, mostly perfecting a franchise’s movement formula. But a story is forgettable and it’s a contrition to see a final diversion in a good array go out so safely. Nothing too crazy indispensable to be added, nonetheless a few uninformed additions to a gameplay could have helped Shadow of a Tomb Raider be a some-more wise finale.


More importantly, we need to understanding with a many reduction likeable Lara Croft whose past practice have understandably fake her into a dangerous woman, nonetheless one who can be formidable to empathise with during times. This is worked into a plot, nonetheless never as meaningfully as we would like and her arc suffers since of it. The genuine favourite here is Jonah who does get a good small credentials story, nonetheless he could have finished so many some-more to both rise him as a impression and to form a romantic core of Lara’s tour from obsessive, cruel soldier to someone with a reduction tough perspective of a universe nonetheless a knowledge to understanding with all that comes her way.

But as disastrous as we might sound when we contend all of this, make no mistake that we enjoyed personification Shadow of a Tomb Raider from start to finish. While it might not be adequate to move behind anyone who was already feeling burnt out by Rise of a Tomb Raider, fans like myself who were energetically available some-more Lara Croft movement will have a blast. And while it might not tell a many constrained story, a tour of Lara was still one I’m happy to have left on, and nonetheless a execution might be a small lacking I’m still looking brazen to saying where Lara will go from here, since I’m not prepared for a tour to finish usually yet.

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