Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 Exceeded Expectations, Says Microsoft Exec

The vicious accepting for Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2–two Xbox One and Windows 10 disdainful games that they expelled progressing in a year—may have been divisive, though that doesn’t seem to have dampened a unrestrained of Xbox fans and owners one bit. Speaking to GamesIndustry, Xbox conduct of selling Aaron Greenberg remarkable that both games had exceeded Microsoft’s expectations with how good they performed.

Sea of Thieves is a large priority for us,” Greenberg said. “Both Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 were, for us, dermatitis hits of a spring, They exceeded what we approaching them to do. Sea of Thieves has over 5 million players, State of Decay 2 has some-more than 3 million players. They both sole some-more than we approaching and gathering a lot of good rendezvous with Game Pass.”

The finish outcome is that Microsoft is committing to ancillary these games over a prolonged term, given their success, with Sea of Thieves in sold removing dedicated teams during developer Rare, who are putting out code new calm for a diversion that is positively free.

“For Sea of Thieves, [developer] Rare has dedicated teams that are building appendage calm that’s totally free. The whole village gets them. They’ve combined new ships, gameplay, quests and things that is going to be good for intent fans who wish to keep playing, though each integrate of months a diversion gets bigger, so it also enables us to go behind to people who have never played and deliver them to it. That’s complicated marketing. People don’t need to get a new diversion to get new calm and innovation.”

Sea of Thieves has really benefited severely from a determined tide of post launch calm and support, that has brought it closer to what many approaching a diversion to be like during launch. It is good to see that both it, and State of Decay 2, were successes for Microsoft as well, since it means they’re going to be likelier to deposit in titles that tumble outward of their normal Halo/Gears/Forza cycle.