Queen wore blue at Princess Diana and Fergie’s royal weddings – both ended in divorce

The Queen also wore blue to her sister Princess Margaret’s wedding in 1960, as well as the first wedding of Princess Anne in 1973.

However, all of these weddings sadly ended in divorce.

Therefore, is the Queen wearing blue to a wedding a sign of bad luck?

The Queen is the only person who can acceptably overshadow the bride, and her wedding attire always sets trends.

The style experts at Nasty Gal spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the Queen’s choice to wear blue at these royal weddings.

They said: “There’s an old superstition on wearing blue to weddings – ‘Married in blue, you will always be true’.

“Therefore it’s surprising that the Queen has worn blue to so many royal weddings which have ended in divorce.”

What does the colour blue symbolise?


“Both are colours that represent spring, new beginnings and growth.

“These were the weddings of the new generation of royals.

“The colours the Queen wore could symbolise the hope she has for the new stage of the Royal Family.

“Clearly, both marriages are thriving which could mean they’re lucky colours for love!”

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