Queen Camilla’s pale grey outfit at Diana’s wedding was a ‘quiet rebellion’ – claim

Princess Diana married now-King Charles back in 1981, and the current Queen Consort was in the congregation watching the ceremony. Camilla Parker Bowles, as she was known then, wore a pale grey dress to the service which many assumed was a white gown.

The leading wedding expert and editor of Hitched.co.uk, Zoe Burke, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the decision to wear white-related colours to weddings and why this is the “biggest sin you can commit”.

She commented: “Wearing white to a wedding is probably the biggest sin you can commit as a wedding guest – especially if it’s a floor-length, white lace number.

“Whilst Camilla had some white in her attire, she did offset it in a sombre-toned suit with a matching hat (the famous pillbox hat derided by Diana in the most recent series of The Crown – I never realised ‘pillbox’ could be said in such a scathing manner!).

“But some may also argue her dark clothing was too sober and funeral-like for a wedding. Going off the dress code and wearing colours that are traditionally frowned upon, such as white or black when not requested by the couple, is seen as a form of protest.

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“And given what we know now, is it any wonder she made these choices?” the expert claimed.

Ms Burke argued that Camilla may not have done this on purpose, however.

She explained: “Camilla may not have been familiar with wedding guest etiquette of course (it can be a bit of a minefield).

“But if the love of your life who you were not permitted to marry invited you to their wedding to someone else, you may well be tempted to stage a quiet rebellion.”


Queen Elizabeth II later wore a white outfit to then-Prince Charles’ church blessing to Camilla after their royal wedding, because the late monarch famously refused to attend the wedding itself.

Ms Agnew spoke about this decision: “I have always thought this was an odd choice by Her Majesty, although I do think she looked lovely.

“The ensemble was most likely designed by Angela Kelly. She probably wore it purely because she liked it.

“Given it was both Charles and Camilla’s second marriages, there are usually less strict rules about those sorts of things!”

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