Queen Camilla uses ‘one of the best and easiest ways’ to look younger

Skin expert and founder of the WOW Facial, Claire Williams, talked to Express.co.uk about the beauty rituals Queen Camilla may follow to look younger. She started by saying that “it is easy to write off Camilla’s glowing skin as the result of pure luck in the genetics departments”.

However, the expert claimed there are also a number of factors that come into play to achieve that youthful look.

“As well as undergoing beauty treatments and procedures, Camilla’s flawless appearance could also be due to a rigorous skincare regime, balanced diet and sunscreen,” Claire claimed.

The Queen Consort is believed to follow a varied and healthy diet in the Palace and she may consume organic products mostly, just like King Charles.

King Charles, who has been a passionate advocate of environmental causes for years, has his own organic farm and years ago he founded Duchy Originals, an organic food and drink brand.

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The Queen Consort may also follow a rigorous skincare routine in the morning and at night. The recommended nighttime skincare routine for over 60 consists of washing the face with a gentle cleanser and warm water while using a soft cloth.

It is also recommended that women exfoliate once a week and use anti-ageing moisturisers and serums before going to bed.

Camilla may also wear sunscreen on a daily basis, even during the winter months as it is “one of the best — and easiest — ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age”, Hopkins Medicine explained. “Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing.”

Claire also said that Camilla is “known for using organic products and bee venom for naturally younger-looking skin”.


In 2010 the monarch admitted that she had tried beauty treatments with bee venom, which consist of using bee poison on the skin to penetrate wrinkles.

Skincare guru Deborah Mitchell explained: “It works to control the facial muscles and tightens, firms and lifts them, as well as moisturises the skin.”

She told the Daily Mail: “The bee venom is also good for providing an instant anti-ageing effect and leaves the face looking naturally younger. Queen Camilla only uses quality organic products.”

Queen Camilla reportedly quit smoking in 2001 thanks to health guru Mosaraf Ali, which also helped to improve her overall skin appearance and health.

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Skincare expert and aesthetic practitioner at Centre for Surgery Carrie Hancox commented on the beauty routines that other royals, including the Princess of Wales or Meghan Markle, may follow to look younger.

Meghan and Kate are both in their 40s and “have lovely skin, so they have been taking care of themselves”, the expert said. Carrie claimed that “to achieve this beautiful youthful skin that they have they most likely take a holistic approach”.

“Various treatments they might have had to get this skin quality would be laser skin facials like Fotona4D, micro needling radio frequency like Morpheus8, in addition to good medical grade skincare along with a healthy lifestyle, good diet, no smoking and generally looking after the body,” she suggested.

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