Queen Camilla is ‘confident’ during latest solo engagement

The Queen Consort visited the organisation to learn more about its work developing women-only spaces for those who have experienced homelessness. It was one of Camilla’s few solo engagements she has done since becoming Queen Consort, and a body language expert claimed she looked “confident”.

Judi James said: “This visit seems to have brought out a more confident-looking set of body language rituals from Camilla, who might just be enjoying a solo visit after her husband’s recent pen-based disasters and his tetchiness last week when she dared to take too long to talk to the crowds.”

The body language expert is here referring to Charles and Camilla’s visit to Wrexham, where Charles seemed to look impatient while waiting for Camilla to catch up with him after greeting crowds.

In a video, Charles is seen shaking several people’s hands before turning around and asking: “Can we try and get her back again? Please. We need to go. I was trying to wait for her, but she goes on.”

Camilla was not seen in the clip, but it’s presumed she was held up a short distance away as he dispatched one of his aides to retrieve her.

Focusing on today’s visit, Judi continued: “There is a hint of her [Camilla’s] usual tension at some points, in the raised shoulders and rather rigid arms.

“But the fact that she has her arms hanging at her sides rather than her hands clasped nervously in front, or a handbag acting as a barrier, looks like a vast improvement in tone.

“Camilla’s wide gesticulation as she speaks suggests a more relaxed approach to being the centre of attention and her standing to attention before bending pose as she speaks to some of the hosts suggests good humour and a desire to engage.”

At one point during the visit, Camilla is seen holding a pen – in a completely different manner to Charles, who made headlines a few weeks ago for complaining his pen wasn’t working during a royal engagement.

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Judi continued: “And is that some kind of competitive flourish of the pen?

“Unlike her husband, Camilla seems to have opted for a far more practical ball point pen rather than the risky ink pen that caused Charles’s angst and irritation.

“She holds the pen elegantly and with a certain amount of flair here, suggesting she might just get the humour of the fact that this is one skill that she is better at than her husband.”

For her engagement today, Camilla opted for a navy blue pinafore dress, which appeared to be draped over a white dress with long sleeves.

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The coat was long-sleeved and reached just below Camilla’s knees, veering outwards in an A-line silhouette.

From the collar all the way down to the bottom of the coat, Camilla’s garment had big round buttons in a straight line.

Underneath Camilla’s coat, white frilly sleeves could be seen poking out at the Queen Consort’s wrists.

Therefore, it was likely that Queen Camilla layered up her outfit with a white blouse or dress today.

As for accessories, Camilla wore a leather pair of chic black gloves to provide warmth.

Peeking underneath her blonde bob, her clip-on pearl earrings could be seen.

Although it is unclear where these jewels are from, the Queen Consort was seen wearing them on her wedding day to then-Prince Charles in 2005.

The pearl earrings have to be clip-on jewels because the Queen Consort famously does not have her ears pierced.

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