PS4 Tops Hardware Charts in a US in October, Per NPD Group

To no one’s surprise, it seems like a PlayStation 4 finished adult commanding hardware charts in a United States in a month of October, according to a NPD Group’s news (via VentureBeat).

Buoyed, doubtless, by Red Dead Redemption 2, as good as a ongoing success of Spider-Man (as good as a Spider-Man Black Friday bundle), that launched only a month before, a PS4 finished adult saying a many dollars spent on it in terms of hardware during October, a many hardware units sole in October, a many units it has sole in Oct given it launched in 2013, as good as a many any PlayStation complement has sole in Oct given a PS2 in Oct 2002. Whew lad.

The NPD Group also remarkable that a Xbox One was adult year on year, and that a NES Classic and SNES Classic were outrageous drivers of hardware spending. Overall, it sounds like a attention is in a really healthy place right now. With Nov entrance up, bringing with it a garland of vital launches, as good as a Holiday selling deteriorate and discounts, subsequent month’s NPD formula will be quite engaging to see.

If we haven’t already, make certain to check out a NPD program formula for Oct as well.