Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney GBA Trilogy Heading to 3DS

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

Had fun with Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies on a 3DS? Get your gavel out again since Capcom has announced that Level-5 will be bringing a strange Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games to a 3DS. The contingent of titles creatively expelled on a Game Boy Advance and were subsequently ported over to a DS so this will symbol their third release.

According to Famitsu, all 3 games will be partial of a gathering patrician Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection and will recover for a 3DS on Apr 17th. Interestingly, yet no Western recover has been announced, there is an English choice for players. Odd? Sure. But it during slightest means that if localization does eventually happen, it won’t take really long.

Despite their age, all 3 games were critically acclaimed. Will we be picking adult a collection for 3DS? Let us know in a comments below. Feel giveaway to peppers them with copiousness of “Objection!” shouts.