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Most households have begun to receive their £400 payments towards soaring energy bills but those without conventional electricity and gas supplies have been left waiting for help.

Just days after the Daily Express and Silver Voices highlighted the issues the government has announced details of what happens next.

Online applications will open in January and a helpline will be set up for homes without internet access.

Silver Voices director Dennis Reed said after “months of procrastination by officials” the Express and Silver Voices forced the government into action.

He added: “It is unfortunate that no payments will be made before Christmas and we want to see exact dates announced for when claims can be submitted early in the New Year for park homes, care homes and off-grid residents.

“Also we hope that there will be no delays in processing applications and getting payments into people’s pockets, before the winter has passed”. 

The payments are expected to go to care home residents, people living in park homes and  farmers living in domestic farmhouses among others.

Off grid households who rely on alternative fuel sources, such as heating oil or liquefied petroleum gas, are also entitled to a £200 payment on top of the energy support cash.

Most of those eligible will receive payment automatically through their electricity supplier but those without a supplier will be able to do so in February.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Putin’s illegal war has caused global energy prices to soar, but we are continuing to work hard and urgently to get help to households across the UK, and this update provides people with more certainty on when and how we will deliver help with fuel bills.

“We’re already limiting the amount suppliers can charge consumers for their energy through the Energy Price Guarantee, which will continue to help consumers through to March 2024. “We’ve all seen and felt the temperature dropping recently, so today’s updates will help millions worry less about their energy and heating bills this winter.”

Around one percent of homes cannot receive the £400 energy support in the same way as most households as they do not have a domestic electricity metre or a direct relationship with an energy supplier.

Energy minister Graham Stuart said: “Getting this support for households’ bills out across the country will save hundreds of pounds for millions of people during the coldest months of the year.

“This has been a top priority and joint effort, with close work between officials and electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland, as well as with Local Authorities in Great Britain who will help get support to over 900,000 households who don’t have the direct relationship with energy suppliers that the vast majority of households do.”

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