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With older people feeling the pinch of the cost of living, Attendance Allowance might be able to help. The payment is designed to assist those of state pension age who have a disability or condition severe enough that they require help or supervision.

The benefit has helped Carol, a woman in her 70s, who reached out to Age UK when her husband was unwell.

She needed help to claim Attendance Allowance, and the charity were able to guide her through the process. 

Carol explained: “A lot of older people might not want to apply for any sort of help financially, they feel that it’s degrading.”

Carol said she felt “if it’s through Age UK, then it feels possible”. She added: “That’s the important thing – Age UK is for us. They were fantastic at helping to get the AA sorted for me, especially when my initial claim was turned down.”

The charity has said benefits such as this can be a “lifeline” for older people, particularly given the financial challenges currently facing many.

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What happens with an Attendance Allowance claim?

Attendance Allowance can be backdated to the date a person first makes their claim.

This is usually the date their form is received or the date they call the enquiry line as long as the claim pack is then returned within six weeks.

Those who disagree with a decision can challenge this with the DWP in a process known as mandatory reconsideration.

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