NPD’s List of Top Selling Exclusives Since 1995 Is All Nintendo Games

Sony has finished good strides in delivering some console exclusives this epoch for a PS4, with games like God of War and Spider-Man, though ultimately, no association has a lineup of exclusives as constrained or appealing to a mass marketplace as Nintendo. Nintendo, in fact, is a usually association that can means to sell a complement on a possess even in a deficiency of wider third celebration support. People will buy Nintendo games in droves.

That is something that is certified by a newest bit of engaging statistics expelled by a NPD Group. NPD Group researcher Mat Piscatella posted a list of top offered disdainful games given 1995 by to Sep 2018 on Twitter, and a list is… well, it is all Nintendo games. As in there is not a singled non-Nintendo diversion on a list during all.

Most of a games are in fact games from a Wii and DS era, when Nintendo achieved record hardware and program sales that have given not been replicated, though we see some from a Nintendo 64 as well. You can check out a full list below. we consternation how many Switch games will make it on to a list when all is pronounced and done.