No More Heroes 1 and 2 Could Be Ported to Switch

The fan favorite, cult classical No More Heroes series earnings subsequent year around a recover of a Switch disdainful Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Travis Strikes Again isn’t a third entrance in a series, though, as most as it is a side story (a third diversion could still happen, though). But it could shortly be assimilated by Travis’ initial dual outings on a Switch, if array creator, a ever quirky and individualist Suda51, is to be believed.

Speaking to Nintendeal in an talk (which we can perspective below), Suda pronounced that this is something he would be meddlesome in doing, citing a likewise niche Bayonetta 1 and 2 compilation on a Nintendo Switch as a indication for what a recover could demeanour like.

“Yeah, I’d adore to be means to do that, and we am indeed articulate with Marvelous to be means to comprehend that. As we know Bayonetta got a 1 and 2 compilation for a Switch. We’d adore to do a same thing,” he said, vocalization by a translator.

Given that Travis Strikes Again, while looking good in a possess right, isn’t utterly a code of Travis Touchdown movement that fans of a array adore it for, a gathering of a comparison games will substantially be something that everybody will be happy with. Let’s reason out in wish that something like this does end adult happening.