Nintendo Direct Scheduled For Sep 13 – Rumor

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Nintendo behind a Nintendo Direct display it had scheduled for final week in a arise of a trembler in Japan; however, given then, a association has been on radio overpower per when a Direct might be held, in annoy of earnest fans when it announced a check that a new date and time for a display would be announced “in a nearby future”.

It looks like that might be as early as this week. Nintendo Life reports that, as per a sources, a Nintendo Direct display has now been changed to Sep 13, for 3pm PT and 6pm ET—which would be a accurate same times as creatively intended, though only pushed behind by a week. This would also coincide with a changed time for a designed Splatoon 2 update, creatively designed for final week, that information miners found.

This is only a gossip for now—but Nintendo Life’s sources were scold final week, so I’m prone to put my faith in them.