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After No Time To Die’s release in cinemas back in 2021, the hunt has been on for Daniel Craig’s replacement. The British star played James Bond for 15 years across five films and certainly made his mark on the character. Going forward, the Bond bosses have confirmed they will announce the next actor taking over in the coming months – and the first details of the casting process have now been revealed. And, unexpectedly, it all seems to be hinging on a Marvel actor.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has recently been blowing up in the Bond odds. After the likes of Regé-Jean Page and Henry Cavill have been topping the charts, Taylor-Johnson swooped in to decimate the opposition.

It wasn’t very clear why the former Marvel star had come in on top of the betting, but the latest chunk of news from Hollywood seems to confirm that the cogs are moving in the offices of the Bond bosses, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson.

The latest reports claim Taylor-Johnson “sat with [Bond] producer Barbara Broccoli, and the meeting went well”. (Via Puck News)

This tidbit of information is massive news considering, thus far, Bond fans do not know of any conversations behind-the-scenes about Craig’s replacement.

A sad update for Tom Hardy

Taylor-Johnson is a fantastic candidate for Bond. The 32-year-old is around the right age to take on a new franchise for a decade, while also being a fantastic actor – proven in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the recently released Bullet Train. The British star has also shown he can sustain an audience throughout a franchise, after fronting the Kick-Ass series back in the early 2010s.

With such a powerful pedigree, Taylor-Johnson was already a promising candidate for the title of the Next James Bond, but with news of this behind-closed-doors meeting, he may have already begun to claim the role for himself.

What’s more Taylor-Johnson has been given 2/1 odds from Ladbrokes, making him the strongest candidate fans have at the moment.

This, of course, marks some major bad news for Tom Hardy.

Hardy has been at the forefront of James Bond fans’ minds for some time. The obsession with the Venom actor began when rumours claimed he had already secretly been cast as James Bond back in 2020 – but these claims were never confirmed nor denied.

Since then, he has maintained a strong position in the Bond odds – with Ladbrokes giving him a tough 8/1 on grabbing the role.

The British public even declared Hardy as their favourite for the next James Bond star.

Unfortunately, with Taylor-Johnson grabbing headlines with news of this meeting with Bond bosses, it seems Hardy could be out of luck.

Elsewhere in the Bond odds is Henry Cavill who is holding on to second place with all his might. The former Superman and Witcher actor currently has 5/2 on becoming the hero.

He’s going up against the former Bridgerton hunk, Page, who also has some staggering odds. He’s become a firm favourite with punters with 6/1.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati said: “Aaron Taylor-Johnson storms into the New Year as our surprising 007 frontrunner, although we’ve seen early interest in James Norton this month, and wouldn’t be surprised to see his odds tumble as a result over the next few days.”


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