Microsoft Speaks About Bringing Minecraft Cross-Play To PS4

Until yesterday, Sony was sitting out of a cranky height play celebration of their possess volition. With that carrying altered now, however, a floodgates are open, and several games that have cranky height play for a Xbox One and Switch versions, though not for a PS4 version, could now be entirely unified.

One of these games is Minecraft, that saw a “Better Together” refurbish move together a Switch and Xbox One userbases (not to discuss iOS, Android, and PC ones) in a large approach progressing this year. Now that Sony seems to be some-more open to cranky height play, could this Better Together refurbish come to a PS4 chronicle of Minecraft as well?

Microsoft positively thinks so. Speaking to Windows Central, a association gave a earnest response when asked about a probability of that happening, while being certain to not to dedicate to anything specifically.

“We trust in giving gamers a event to play a games they wish with a people they want,” they said. “Whether that means operative with a partners to broach cross-network play with games like Rocket League and Fortnite or enabling cross-device play with a likes of Minecraft, we are understanding of new scenarios that capacitate some-more people to play and have fun together while gaming. We would adore to move players on PlayStation 4 into a Minecraft ecosystem as well, though have zero serve to share during this time.”

Hopefully, this will finish adult happening— suppose a chronicle of a barbarous Better Together ad, though this time with all 3 consoles!

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