Mario Kart 8 Launching in May 2014, Wii U Gamepad Receiving Firmware Update


Nintendo hold a new corporate plan eventuality in that it was suggested that a arriving Mario Kart 8 would be out on a Wii U in May. Earlier, boss Satoru Iwata teased a diversion releasing in Spring 2014.

Iwata also talked about carrying games that could uncover off a energy of a Wii U’s Gamepad. To that end, there will be new games announced this year in an arriving Nintendo Direct that will take advantage of a Gamepad. Mario Kart 8 is being looked during as a diversion that will settle a Gamepad’s functionality.

If you’ve been soured on a altogether opening of a Gamepad, afterwards worry not – Nintendo will be releasing a firmware refurbish to speed adult a Gamepad’s functioning. It also seems that DS games will be entrance to a Virtual Console library on Wii U.

The doubt is: When Super Mario 3D World couldn’t burst start sales for a console, will Mario Kart 8 succeed?