Lady Kitty Spencer was ‘entitled to wear wedding tiara’ but didn’t want ‘painful memories’

Lady Kitty Spencer, who will turn 32 tomorrow, tied the knot with Michael Lewis, 63, a South African millionaire last year in Italy. However, the niece of the late Princess Diana shocked many royal fans by deciding not to wear the late royal’s wedding tiara at her own nuptials.

After Diana’s death in 1997, the Spencer tiara, which the Princess wore for her big day in 1981, likely returned to Earl Charles Spencer, her younger brother and Lady Kitty’s father.

This is because the Spencer tiara was a family heirloom – not one that belonged to the Royal Family, but rather Diana’s own family.

Therefore, it was expected that when Lady Kitty walked down the aisle in July 2021 that she would wear the stunning sparkler.

Kitty’s own mother, Victoria Aitken, wore the tiara for her wedding to Charles Spencer back in 1989, making it even more surprising that she didn’t opt to wear the diadem last year.

However, James Constantinou, the founder of, spoke exclusively to to explain why she shunned the idea of wearing a tiara at all.

He claimed: “It was thought that Lady Kitty Spencer was influenced by a number of things on her wedding day.

“First off, she wanted to combine her love of Italy with her English heritage which involved flower garlands worn in the hair.”

In addition, Lady Kitty may have had a strong idea of what she wanted to wear on her wedding day. The expert argues that the Spencer tiara may have just not worked with Kitty’s wedding outfits.


Mr Constantinou explained: “Of course, because she had a number of different outfit changes, all designed by Dolce & Gabbana, the ‘Spencer Tiara’ may well have looked odd with her choices, despite most royalists assuming it would be worn at some point.

“Lady Kitty has always remained very private, and has never discussed the choice to not wear the tiara.”

But Mr Constantinou notes that wearing this tiara could have been “painful” for Kitty for a key reason.

He added: “However, is also thought that wearing the tiara would bring back painful memories for Kitty, remembering her aunt who died in tragic circumstances, and also memories of her own mother’s marriage which was also not a happy ending.”

He claimed: “The Spencer Tiara is in fact an incredibly valuable heirloom, worth around £500,000, due to the quality of the diamonds.

“It was originally created in 1767 for Viscountess Montagu and remodelled by Garrad in the 1930s.

“John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer, inherited the tiara in the mid-1970s and each of his three daughters wore it at their wedding.

“Lady Jane was the first in 1978, followed by Lady Sarah in 1980, and finally and most famously Lady Diana in 1981.”

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