Kate will ‘level up’ her Christmas style as she is ‘a step closer to becoming Queen’

According to Miranda, Kate’s outfits “feel more serious, like she means business, and there is a distinct lack of the carefree frivolity and fun that we enjoyed earlier this year.”

The stylist commented that the public can expect to see “a slightly subdued array of looks from the Princess of Wales this festive season”.

She explained: “Expect lots of swearing of old favourites, plenty of vintage and fewer skirts and coat-dresses in favour of the more dynamic trouser and jacket combinations Kate has recently adopted.

“The Princess is power dressing her way through to the end of what has been a very difficult year on many levels for the royals so she will be swapping out her festive brights and tartans for a more austere palette of earthy tones, greys and browns.”

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