Kate Middleton’s body language is ‘drama-free’ in new video – ‘If anything she’s stronger’

Kate Middleton, 40, is organising the second royal carol concert in a row which will air on Christmas Eve. A trailer for the concert was recently released, and a body language expert spoke to Express.co.uk to analyse the Princess of Wales’ gestures and signals.

The Princess said in the 19-second clip: “Join us this Christmas Eve for a very special service at Westminster Abbey, full of festive carols and beautiful performances, as we celebrate what makes this the most wonderful time of year.”

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to speak about Kate’s “feelgood factor”.

She said: “Kate’s trailer is unashamedly full of the feelgood factor with her very warm smile and her crisp, almost professional delivery as a presenter giving the impression of a resilient, reassuring presence in the royal Firm.

“The late Queen was always the one royal who could ‘hold the line’ when it came to reacting to tragedy, controversy or criticism and Kate seems to be her natural heir in this respect.”

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According to Judi, the Princess of Wales’ body language is “drama free” compared to that of King Charles or Prince William.

She explained: “We’ve seen signs of tetchiness, anxiety and sadness from both Charles and William this past year, but Kate’s body language presents her as a drama-free-zone, going about her royal duties with little if any signs of emotional leakage, and instead with an apparent determination to get the job right.

“If anything she has emerged looking stronger and more confident this year and this brief trailer seems to epitomise that.”

The Princess’ body language cues in the trailer were “harder than they looked”, according to Judi.


She suggested: “Kate talks straight to the camera, which is harder than it looks. It’s easy to look wooden or distant when you talk into a lens rather than talking with your eyes ignoring the cameras and aimed at an interviewer as Harry and Meghan did for their Netflix show.

“But Kate manages to add enough personal touches and movements to make it look engaging.”

The Princess used her eyes, her earrings, her diction and her smile to get her message across according to the body language pro.

Judi added: “Her eyes are narrowed in an eye smile and she uses some fast blinking and small head movements to add enough energy to build enthusiasm for her concert and Christmas in general.

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“The movements of her earring show how her head is rocking and moving slightly to prevent her delivery from looking remotely flat.

“Her diction is crisp, with some small ‘biting’ of her words as she speaks and smiles at the same time.

“And despite the fact that her smile looks congruent, with some rounding of the cheeks and even a dimpling of one cheek, she manages to hold the smile perfectly after she has finished talking which, again, is also far harder than it looks.”

For the promotional trailer, Kate wore a stunning floor-length red gown.

She wore the ‘Aurora’ Ballerina Dress by Needle & Thread London, but this is not the first time she has been spotted wearing the gown.

It boasts a pie-crust collar and sheer sleeves embossed with velvet and sequins.

Compared to many dresses the royals have been spotted in over the years, Kate’s Needle & Thread dress costs a more affordable £460.

A firm believer in recycling her clothes, Kate previously wore the garment in January 2020 when she co-hosted a reception at the Palace with Prince William marking the UK-Africa Investment Summit.

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