Kate Middleton ‘keeps people on their toes’ when it comes to fashion

Kate wore a huge £176,664 worth of new clothing and jewellery in 2022, making it her most expensive fashion year yet. This year beat her second most expensive year, 2017, when she wore £119,000 worth of new outfits.

Although it was evident Kate bought many new outfits over the course of the year, she also recycled old favourites.

Furthermore, she donned affordable high street pieces from Zara and Mango, such as trusty blazers and trousers.

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Miranda Holder looked back at Kate’s year in fashion. She said: “Kate Middleton’s 2022 wardrobe has not disappointed.

“The Princess has reinforced her status as a global fashion icon by flexing her many style credentials, presenting us with a myriad of different looks which have felt just as unique as they have familiar.

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“Kate is a true fashion chameleon, dressing immaculately and appropriately for each and every event she attends and sporting a rainbow of different colours and styles – from brights to pastels and from structured and formal to the soft and feminine.

“The Princess keeps fashionistas and royal fans on their toes as the pundits clamour to guess what she will be wearing next, producing a heady mix of the brand new, the reworked, preloved and vintage which always seem to catch the mood of the nation just right.”

Miranda stressed that each of Kate’s outfits would have been carefully considered and thought about by stylists before the Princess got dressed.

She added that, in this sense, the royal uses fashion as an art form, or a means of communication.


Miranda continued: “Kate’s fashion garners just enough admiration and attention it deserves, without detracting from the gravitas of the appointment she is attending.

“The curation and execution of such a successful Royal wardrobe is an art form, a magic blend of thrilling surprises counterpointed with reassuringly familiar themes running through.

“Her trademark silhouettes and monochrome ensembles reinforce her status as the country’s most fashionable royal and an international style superstar.”

Research backs Miranda’s claim that Kate is the country’s most fashionable royal.

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A new study conducted by fashion retailer Boohoo analysed Google searches, press articles, and views on TikTok and to rank which celebrities Britons were inspired and influenced by in 2022.

The Princess of Wales was second only to Bella Hadid. Her style was Googled over 18,000 times every month, and over 700 articles were written about her fashion sense alone in 2022.

As for TikTok, videos about the royal’s fashion choices were watched over 233.7 million times, showcasing her influence when it comes to style.

Two other royals made Boohoo’s list: Meghan Markle and Princess Diana.

The Duchess of Sussex was fifth on the list, with over 400 articles written about her style in 2022.

Videos about her style were viewed 97.9million times on TikTok, while her outfits received 12,100 Google searches a month.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana was ninth on the list, proving that the late royal’s legacy is still very much alive. She was known for taking fashion risks and being bold with her style choices.

Boohoo found that searches for Diana’s fashion choices reached a huge 6,600 on Google every month.

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