Just Dance 2019 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Just Dance 2019 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game



PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii


Release Date:October 23, 2018

Just Dance 2019 is a celebration stroke dance make-believe diversion grown by mixed Ubisoft studios. it is a tenth diversion in their annual Just Dance franchise.


Just Dance 2019 is a initial mainline diversion in a array since Just Dance 2 (which was a Wii exclusive) to not recover on a PS3. However, it is still rising on a Xbox 360, for that it will have Kinect support, as good as a Nintendo Wii. It is also releasing for a Wii U. Other than these systems, it launches on active stream era consoles, namely a PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


just dance 2019

Like a predecessors, Just Dance 2019 will need players to compare a on-screen character’s choreography in their dance moves. While a Wii Remote, and Kinect are accessories that are upheld for this, those who do not have entrance to such accessories will be means to use the Just Dance mobile app to review their dance moves, usually as has been with progressing games. The Just Dance mobile app can review adult to 6 players during a time. Joy-Cons can be used for a game’s Nintendo Switch chronicle as well.

Just Dance 2019 will be bringing behind a Kid Mode, that contains usually a many child-friendly marks and songs for kids to be means to experience. In Just Dance 2019’s Kid Mode, there are 8 marks in total. Other returning modes are a “sweat mode”, that is a examination mode for sorts with a concentration on blazing calories, that a mode also tracks, as good as World Dance Floor, that is Just Dance’s online mode and is frequently updated with events and special themed competitions. Ubisoft are also operative with stop-motion studio Clay Animation and travel artist Chanoir to assistance pattern any of Just Dance 2019’s music videos, that they impute to as “universes”.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft have also combined a Spotify playlist underline to Just Dance 2019. This will refurbish daily with new themed playlists for players to dance to. In further to this, players can also emanate their possess playlists to personalize a experience. Additionally, a diversion will also have pre-made playlists. Just Dance 2019 will also now make recommendations for playlists formed on a players’ dancing habits, and that kinds of songs they name a many often. Additionally, Just Dance 2019 will also have a new home shade that will prominence a new village section, game-related news, special playlists, anniversary events, and more. It will also have strain previews in a categorical menu, being a initial diversion in a array to have this underline given a Xbox 360 chronicle of Just Dance: Greatest Hit. It is also a initial diversion since Just Dance 2014 to have problem ratings for tracks, as good as a initial time since Just Dance 2016 that a array has had a vital HUD overhaul.

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Just Dance Unlimitedwhich is Ubisoft’s subscription formed streaming-like use for their Just Dance franchise, also earnings in Just Dance 2019. The on-demand use has a catalog of over 400 songs, with some-more to be combined after on, that players will be means to entrance on profitable a subscription fee. However, those who purchase Just Dance 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U will get a giveaway one month subscription.

Outside of Just Dance Unlimited, Just Dance 2019 will apparently have a tracklist of a possess songs as well, for those who do not wish to compensate for a subscription service. So far, twenty 6 songs have been reliable for a game. That series was progressing during twenty seven, though one of a songs, namely Dame Tu Cosita by El Chombo (ft. Cutty Ranks) was private by Ubisoft. The strain was have been for Solo mode during Easy difficulty, and Ubisoft did not give a reason for because a strain was removed.

Of a twenty 6 songs enclosed in Just Dance 2019, 4 of them are cover versions of strange songs. These are a Dancing Bros’ cover of a Pac-Man theme strain (originally stoical by Toshio Kai), which is for a Dance Crew mode during Easy difficulty; Ultraclub 90’s cover of Rhythm of a Night (original artist- Corona), that is for Solo mode, and a problem for that is as of nonetheless unknown; Hit a Electro Beat’s cover of Mi Mi Mi (original artist- Serebro), that is for a Duet mode, and during Easy difficulty; and Top Culture’s cover of I’m Still Standing (original artist- Elton John), that is for Solo Mode, and during now different difficulty.

just dance 2019

The remaining twenty dual songs enclosed in Just Dance 2019, along with their modes and problem levels are:

  • A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got); (Artist- Fergie ft. Q-Tip GoonRock; Solo mode; Unknown diffculty)
  • Bang Bang Bang (Artist- BIGBANG; Trio mode; Hard difficulty)
  • Bum Bum Tam Tam (Artist- MC Fioti, Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, and Juan Magan; Duet mode; Medium difficulty)
  • Familiar (Artist- Liam Payne J Balvin; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Finesse (Remix); (Artist- Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B; Dance Crew mode; Easy difficulty)
  • Fire (Artist- LLP ft. Mike Diamondz; Duet mode; Medium difficulty)
  • Fire on a Floor (Artist- Michelle Delamor; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Havana (Artist- Camila Cabello; Solo mode; Easy difficulty)
  • I Feel It Coming (Artist- The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Mad Love (Artist- David Guetta and Sean Paul ft. Becky G; Duet mode; Medium difficulty)
  • Mama Mia (Artist- Mayra Verónica; Duet mode; Easy difficulty)
  • Narco (Artist- Blasterjaxx Timmy Trumpet; Solo mode; Easy difficulty)
  • New Reality (Artist- Gigi Rowe; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • New Rules (Artist- Dua Lipa; Unknown mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • New World (Artist- Krewella Yellow Claw ft. VaVa; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • OMG (Artist- Arash ft. Snoop Dogg; Trio mode; Medium difficulty)
  • One Kiss (Artist- Calvin Harris Dua Lipa; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Shaky Shaky (Artist- Daddy Yankee; Solo mode; Easy difficulty)
  • Sweet Sensation (Artist- Flo Rida; Dance Crew mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Toy (Artist- Netta; Solo mode; Unknown difficulty)
  • Water Me (Artist- Lizzo; Solo mode; Easy difficulty)
  •  Work Work (Artist- Britney Spears; Trio mode; Medium difficulty)

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have some-more information about a game.