John Deacon on Queen’s ‘secret’ to never breaking up despite ‘fall outs’ | Music | Entertainment

Roger said: “We seem to work together better now than we did before. We’re fairly up and down characters, and we’re all very different. We have different tastes in many ways.”

John Deacon confessed: “Of course, we fall out, we have patches where we don’t want to see each other.  But we seem to be able to get over it, and, you know, if we take time off and… In a way now, it’s embarrassing to say, but it is 18 years since I first met the other three. I mean they were actually formed together and had the band Queen, and I think they had one or two other bass players.  But that is 18 years ago, which is a long, long time.”

The bassist then shared what he thinks was the “secret” to Queen never breaking up when Freddie was alive.

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