How to look younger: ‘Visibly smoother’ skin in 14 days with new anti ageing face cream

“I usually advise that sunscreen should be worn wherever you’re exposed to UV rays. You should wear it regardless of the weather because UV rays can still pass through cloud cover. 

“When it comes to wearing sunscreen indoors, if you’re exposed to UV rays, then wear it. For example, if you’re indoors and you’re going to be sitting by a window all day working at your desk, you’re still exposed to UVA (which causes ageing) and should use sun protection. UVA rays are present all year round – if there’s daylight, there’s UVA!

“Washing with lukewarm water is also ideal,” she added. “It does not strip away sebum, healthy fats, and oils necessary for skin health and this keeps the skin barrier functioning properly which is your skin’s ability to protect itself – so less risk of irritation or sensitivity and your skin is not left vulnerable. 

“Try to use acids and retinol at separate times in your skincare routine. Layering these products one after the other can cause irritation as retinoids will make your skin sensitive, and so will the acids – they increase skin cell turnover, so you want to be cautious,” Dr Sonia explained. 

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