How to look younger: Number one hair colour for 2023 according to a stylist

Hair colour trends shift seamlessly, and this year, honey wheat blonde is going to be the most popular. The hair colour is a unique combination of darker basic tones and light gold nuances that shimmer beautifully as the hair moves. spoke exclusively to Jason Collier, Celebrity Hairstylist, and Brand Educator for Jerome Russell about this new shade. 

Jason, who has worked with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria revealed the number-one colour for 2023. 

He said: “We’ve seen the revival of whiter blondes, also known as icing blonde this year, thanks to pop culture influences from Targaryen and Monroe Blonde. 

“Celebrities from Megan Fox to Gigi Hadid have sported these lighter blonde shades, but right now, the focus is on warmer tones in the cold season. 

“Next year we’re going to see more low maintenance blonding appointments whilst freshening up existing colours.

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“The hair colour is a unique combination of darker basic tones and light gold nuances that shimmer beautifully. 

“The best thing is that, depending on the nuances, honey wheat blonde can suit anyone. 

“Sometimes, people might find blonde intimidating or that it wouldn’t suit them, but this hair colour works with all hairstyles, all skin complexions and can be built into any natural hair colour.

“The natural blonde tone is more popular this year than ever and has already established itself on the runways and with celebrities. 

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“The trick is to tailor the tones to your complexion,” the expert noted. 

“Among the hair colour’s celebrity disciples is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who switched out her brighter blonde for a look that’s a little more laidback and low-maintenance. 

“Serena Williams also wears the hair colour beautifully. Her buttery caramel blonde looks incredible against her skin tone and adds a healthy warmth that’s perfect for the next few cold months. 

“Other celebrity inspirations for the multi-dimensional wheat blonde include Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen.”

As for how you should style your honey wheat blonde hair, wispy bangs are sticking around. 

It’s a great way to update your current hairstyle if you don’t want to touch the length or if you’re committed to your current colour. 

Shags are also popular, especially as they’re easy to maintain and can suit any face shape. 

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