Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 19


An offer to further your career or the chance to study a subject that has always interested you will crop up unexpectedly. Even if you didn’t have any plans to start something new, you won’t want to look a gift-horse in the mouth.


Work related problems aren’t likely to go away as quickly as you would have wished for. When a workmate is clearly not interested in giving any help or information, you will be left to manage on your own. Some problems you could well do without.


In social and work situations you will gain the support you are looking for by being diplomatic while remaining resolved in your intentions. A senior official is expecting straight answers about a recent situation. Honesty will be the best policy.


The go-ahead will be given for a venture that has been on the backburner for a while. Any other time you would have been delighted to be able to make a start on this. Now, with so many other things going on, you would have preferred to wait until the New Year.


A meeting will address whether or not to continue with a community project when interest from the public has waned. There is room to correct problems of the past and this can be followed by finding ways to make a group venture more exciting.


All information available at the time should be taken into account when putting together a first draft. If it does not have the right level of detail, a senior official will intervene. The sooner something is published and a meeting arranged, the sooner doubts will be lifted.



Problems with electrics, internet or a technical appliance will cause you some annoyance. Even an expert will be confused about the likely cause. You could bump into someone you lost touch with a long time ago at a festive event or Christmas party.


A neighbourhood controversy makes you a little uncomfortable. You really don’t want to be drawn into matters that aren’t of any interest to you. It pays to be cautious today. As evening approaches you will feel an increasing desire for some quiet time and privacy.


You will tell it as it is. This makes it hard for you to understand why someone thinks they can get away with not being honest with you. A workmate’s deceitful behaviour is hard to believe. You are aware now they cannot be trusted.


An interesting offer is put to you and you might sense this is an opportunity that is too good to miss. You instinctively sense a need to steer clear of anyone who can make trouble for you. A rival is asking about what you are up to.


A situation you take charge of needs firm decisions and decisive action. You were hoping for a bit more support but someone you had been relying on is clearly burying their head in the sand. Friends are changeable so you won’t be expecting a lot from them.


If someone doesn’t get back to you soon you may have to wait another year before putting ideas for a festive project to work. Since you want this to happen now and not in the future, you might decide to go ahead without their say-so.

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