Henry Cavill Superman return in peril after huge DC Studios shake up: ‘A thorny situation’ | Films | Entertainment

Warner Bros had been developing Man of Steel 2, with The Flash director Andy Muschietti pitching a film in the style of the Richard Donner original. Additionally, Justice League 2 with Snyderverse superheroes had been considered.

Yet, according to the outlet, “the Cavill situation is a more than a little thorny”, especially after the Black Adam cameo and announcement on social media, where the 39-year-old stated with glee, “I wanted to make it official — I am back as Superman.”

On top of this, Gunn and Safran’s plan is unlikely to include Black Adam 2, which is expected to make a minimal profit – with some insiders even claiming it’ll be lucky to even break even. 

Amid this news, Cavill has filmed a cameo in an upcoming DC movie set for release next year.

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