Hardest working royal of the year named – and it’s not Princess Kate

It is well known that Princess Anne is one of the busiest royals – she seems never to be sitting still and even resumed her duties immediately after the mourning period for the Queen ended, back in September. The Princess Royal has been named the hardest working royal of the year, thanks to her commitment to attending over 200 royal engagements throughout 2022.

According to data gathered by SEO company Reboot Online, Princess Anne has undertaken a whopping 214 royal engagements this year.

Even in September, the month that her mother died, the royal undertook 15 engagements.

August was the least busy month for the Princess, having undertaken just four engagements.

November was the busiest month, with 30 engagements having been undertaken.

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The second hardest working royal on Reboot Online’s list was King Charles. He was even busier than his sister in September, undertaking 17 engagements.

This isn’t a huge surprise since, after he was made King, Charles visited the four nations of the UK for meet and greets.

August was the quietest month for him too, with only one engagement.

However, March was the busiest month – Charles undertook 23 engagements throughout the month.


In total, Charles undertook 181 engagements throughout 2022.

In third place, with a total of 143 engagements, was Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.

May, June, and November were busy months for Edward – he undertook 20 engagements during each month.

December has been a quiet month, though, with only four engagements.

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Meanwhile, Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has undertaken eight engagements this month.

Sophie was fourth place in the list, with a total of 138 engagements.

June was her busiest months, having undertaken 19 engagements over the course of the month.

Prince William was fifth on the list, with 126 engagements in total. Camilla, Queen Consort, was next with 102.

In September, Camilla undertook 11 engagements – six less than her husband, who attended some appointments without her.

After Camilla was the Duke of Gloucester, with 100, and then the Duchess of Gloucester, with 94.

Kate, Princess of Wales, was ninth on the list, with 90 engagements in total, closely followed by the Duke of Kent with 78.

Last on the list was Princess Alexandra, with 44 engagements in total over the past 12 months. 

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