Grand Theft Auto Online “Arena War” Update Brings New Competitive Modes

GTA Online_Arena War

Rockstar Games is committed to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, as exemplified in new rags that both components received. However, it’s still churning out updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, a multiplayer member to Grand Theft Auto 5. The latest refurbish “Arena War” brings a new rival mode for players to rip any other apart.

As per Rockstar’s announcement, Arena War is “Where cruel gladiatorial fight meets a bleeding-edge of vehicular alteration record in one fantastic – and rarely flamable – competition.” Players will transport to a Maze Bank Arena and take on other players, presumably to a death. It brings new car forms and 7 new modes. Playing Arena War will net we points that can be used to arrange up.

Rank adult adequate times and new “toys” will be unlocked. If a trustworthy picture is any indication, players could be looking during Mad Max-style vehicular showdowns and carnage. The refurbish is out after currently for Xbox One, PS4 and PC so keep an eye out for patch notes.