Google Stadia is shutting down soon, so transfer your games and saves while you can

Google Stadia, the company’s not-long-for-this-world cloud gaming service, will be shutting down for good on January 18th. (Specifically, January 18th at 11:59PM PT, Google spokesperson Patrick Seybold confirmed to The Verge.) While the shutdown means that you’re about to lose access to all of your titles and saves on Stadia, many publishers have shared ways to bring your purchases and progress to other platforms so you can keep playing your games.

We’ve rounded up some of those options below; if you want to carry over what you can, you might want to start those processes soon. (If I forgot any, email me and I can add them.)

PS: Google is also refunding all Stadia software purchases from the Stadia Store and hardware purchases from the Google Store. The company began processing refunds in November, and expects to process the “majority” of refunds by January 18th, so keep an eye on your email for confirmation.

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