God of War Creator Unsure If He Will Ever Make Another Game Again

On a heels of Cliff Bleszinski announcing that he will substantially not make any other diversion ever again, we have another loudspoken and ardent developer and creator demonstrate doubt that he will ever get behind to formulating new video games again. David Jaffe, a male we competence best know for formulating Twisted Metal and God of War, pronounced to Colin Moriarty during an part of “Colin’s Last Stand Fireside Chats” that for now, he is finished with diversion development, after his studio sealed down progressing this year following Drawn to Death’s failure

“As for either I’ll make another diversion or not, we don’t know,” pronounced Jaffe. “I don’t have any skeleton right now, and we don’t unequivocally have any aspiration to right now. we consider if we were to make another diversion it would be harder to suppose doing it with a kind of things I’ve finished in a past. If we demeanour during what Sony is doing right now, it’s amazing, I’m spooky with Spider-Man right now …. though what they make these days is so opposite with a kind of things I’m vibing with right now.”

Jaffe did note after on that he competence demeanour into creation smaller, non-AAA games in a destiny that are identical to a kind of retro transport he likes, instead of a kind of things that Sony is pulling for with a titles these days, though it sounds like as of right now, he is flattering finished with a thought of removing behind into development.

In a end, it’s adult to him to confirm either or not he wants to retire; God of War seems to be in protected hands with Cory Barlog right now, and as Jaffe himself notes, he’s not penetrating on how AAA diversion growth is proceeding. If he does confirm to come back, hopefully it can be with something as genre defining as a strange God of War was behind in a day.