GBA Finally Coming to Virtual Console on Wii U


Last year in January, Iwata announced that games from Nintendo’s classical 16 bit handheld, Gameboy Advance, would be entrance to a Wii U Virtual Console; earlier this year, he betrothed that they would be done accessible by a finish of Apr (in his possess words- finally). Now, Nintendo seem to be vital adult to their word, as they only announced that a GBA Virtual Console will launch on Wii U on Apr 3rd.

The initial diversion that a GBA Virtual Console is rising with is a classical spin formed plan diversion Advance Wars by Intelligent Systems. The diversion was met with implausible vicious commend behind when it initial released, and it went on to parent 3 sequels, one for a GBA, dual for a DS, with another one for a 3DS widely rumored.

The GBA library should yield Nintendo a resources of classics to cave that have hitherto been untouched- from Advance Wars to Fire Emblem, Zelda to Metroid, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Pokemon, Mario and Luigi, F-Zero, Mario Kart, to a surprisingly clever western third celebration support a complement got.

The Wii U is also slated to accept Virtual Console support for a Nintendo DS someday soon. Stay tuned for some-more coverage.