Fortnite Starts Messing With Its Players’ Heads, Gets A Random Mysterious Cube on a Map

Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games is famous to lift uncanny and extraordinary story events in Fortnite: Battle Royale- they had a meteor showers that totally altered a map, they had a rocket launch, and a indirect uncanny rifts in a sky, they even had a ARG that started incidentally spawning equipment from a diversion map in a genuine world. It’s been fascinating to see how they hoop a march of progression.

And now, they’ve left forward and finished something else. Earlier today, pointless lightning bolts started to dump on a map, removing quicker and some-more heated any time they strike a cactus in a newly spawned dried on a map, until finally, one of them landed a enormous purple brick in a desert. What is this cube? No one knows, though it glows with puzzling black when we get tighten to it. It recharges your shields, though if we get too tighten to it, it will hit we back. And don’t… conflict it, since it seems to conflict back. With a hulk shaft of some energy.

You can see a couple of Fortnite pennon Ninja finding this brick for a initial time for yourself below.