For The King: Into The Deep is Now Available, Sea Battles and New Enemies Await

For The King

IronOak Games has brought even some-more giveaway DLC to a rogue-lite, tabletop-esque RPG For The King. It’s called Into The Deep and brings a code new story section focused on a sea. Players will come opposite a Fishfolk who – startling no one – are perplexing to serve a Kraken deity.

In sequence to stop this, players contingency cruise opposite a sea and revisit opposite islands to destroy a Kraken’s sources of power. Along with 4 vessel variants, new weapons and 9 new rivalry types, players will confront accessible and antagonistic NPCs around a world. New outfits, armour and trinkets will support we on a journey.

If that weren’t enough, players also have a new arms category to play around with: Guns. You can select from a Blunderbuss, Musket or Hand Cannon. Because if you’re going to cruise a high seas, it’s substantially best to move a gun to a Cthulhu fight. For The King is now out on PC around Steam. It arrives for Xbox One and PS4 in 2019.