Fist of a North Star: Lost Paradise Box Art for Western Release Revealed

fist of a north star

Sega’s Like a North Star, their Fist of a North Star diversion grown in a same character as their Yakuza array (by the Yakuza growth team, in fact) launched for a PS4 in Japan progressing this year, and will be entrance on over to a west too. Ahead of a launch in October, it seems like Sega has finally common a box art for a western chronicle of a game.

And… it’s not that good. we have to contend we favourite a hyper stylized Japanese box art distant more. This one looks fine, and we theory it now communicates a indicate of a game, that is all we can ask for from your box art, though it doesn’t demeanour as appealing on a own. Still, demeanour during me angry about box arts. Who unequivocally cares, as prolonged as a diversion is great, right?

Thankfully, we don’t indeed have to wait prolonged to be means to play it. Fist of a North Star: Lost Paradise launches for a PS4 exclusively, on Oct 2. While PS4 is a usually height it has been announced for so far, given that Sega is bringing all of a games over to PC too these days, we can during slightest design this diversion to strike Steam a few months down a line, if zero else.