Fire Emblem Heroes Crosses $400 Million in Revenue Worldwide

Fire Emblem Heroes has been Nintendo’s biggest success story in a mobile locus so far– surprisingly enough, this diversion formed on one of a many niche franchises Nintendo has has left on to turn a company’s biggest income builder on smartphones. How most income is that? Apparently that is $400 million in income generated worldwide, per market comprehension company Sensor Tower.

This not usually makes Heroes a biggest Nintendo game, mind- that would make it bigger than Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Super Mario Run, and Miitomo– though also indeed bigger than a entire Fire Emblem array so far. Heroes alone has done some-more income than every Fire Emblem diversion so distant has managed to beget in sell sale revenues.

Presumably, this success will meant Nintendo will demeanour some-more towards a kind of RNG, lootbox character monetization they followed in Heroes over a other monetization methods they experimented with in their mobile catalog.