Final Fantasy 13 On Xbox One X Has Two Graphical Modes, Can Render At 1728p

At their new X018 event, Microsoft announced that a entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy – that encompasses Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – would be done playable on a Xbox One by their back harmony program, and that all 3 games would also be receiving Xbox One X enhancements.

All 3 games were already flattering good looking when they any creatively launched on a PS3 and a Xbox 360, though it seems they’ve perceived a poignant strike on Microsoft’s extended console. More specifically, YouTube channel VG Tech has uploaded a video (which we can perspective below), that demonstrates what kind of enhancements Final Fantasy XIII has perceived on a One X.

For starters, a diversion has dual graphical modes on a system- there’s a Graphics Mode, that prioritizes resolution, and a Performance Mode, which, as a name suggests, prioritizes support rate. Obviously support rate is most some-more fast in a latter, and while a former sees some support rate drops, it sports a aloft pixel count.

In Graphics Mode on a Xbox One X, Final Fantasy XIII renders during a local fortitude of 3072×1728. In Performance Mode, a fortitude drops down to 1024×576, that is a same as a Xbox One S, and a strange Xbox 360 as well. Both modes on both variants of a Xbox One, however, also use aloft peculiarity pre-rendered cutscenes.

You can watch a full research below.