Far Cry 6 Announcement Coming At The Game Awards

Far Cry

Ubisoft has reliable currently that a subsequent Far Cry game proclamation will be entrance during The Game Awards on Thursday, Dec 6 2018. The Ubisoft Twitter comment strictly posted a teaser for what this new Far Cry game might be, earnest a full exhibit during a event.

The tangible provoke is… interesting. It seems to uncover off a post chief American wasteland, that is roughly Fallout-esque, and roughly suggests that a diversion might finish adult being a approach supplement to one of a endings of Far Cry 5 (which launched progressing this year).

Whether this means that this will be an halt Far Cry project (such as Blood Dragon and Primal), or an actual, full new mainline numbered entrance stays to be seen, though we’ll know by tomorrow dusk for certain anyway. Meanwhile, if we haven’t already, do make certain to check into Far Cry 5–our examination for a diversion should tell we all we need to know about because a diversion is a contingency play for fans of a series.