Fallout 4 76 Mod Now Adds a Option to Replace Humans With Synths

There have been a lot of illusory mods that have been expelled for Fallout 4 so far. Some time ago, a ‘Fallout 4 76‘ mod was released, that fundamentally brought gameplay mechanics identical to Fallout 76 to Fallout 4. Now, a new chronicle of a mod has been released, that grants players a choice to reinstate humans in a diversion with Synths.

Basically, this mod transforms a Commonwealth into an area with no tellurian NPCs, only as Fallout 76’s Washington will be, and with all of a areas already unlocked. The mod was fundamentally done to try and constraint a knowledge of what Fallout 76 will substantially be like. The prior chronicle of this mod had already brought a choice of replacing all humans with Ferals to a game. The new mod fundamentally only adds a choice to reinstate humans with Synths. If this mod sounds engaging to you, we can download it here.

Fallout 4 is now accessible for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, while Fallout 76 will recover for these same platforms on Nov 14.