Etrian Odyssey X Announced For Nintendo 3DS; New Trailer, Box Art And Japanese Release Date Revealed

While Nintendo is now especially focused on their new console, a Nintendo Switch, it appears that a 3DS is still really most alive and kicking. It seems that Atlus is not prepared to give adult on a 3DS only yet, as they’ve announced that Etrian Odyssey X will be releasing for a 3DS. They’ve now supposing a new trailer, box art, and some-more sum about a latest entrance into the Etrian Odyssey series. Additionally, a new category famous as “Hero” will be introduced with this diversion and we can get a glance of this category on a box art.

However, a developer also mentioned that this will be a final diversion from a array to recover on a console. The environment of a diversion is a island of Lemuria and a floating city of Maginia. You can get glimpses of opposite locations in a trailer, though we’ll have to wait for some-more information per what a game’s universe will be like.

You can check out a trailer and box art below. Etrian Odyssey X is set to recover for a 3DS on Aug 2, 2018 in Japan.

Etrian Odyssey X Box Art