Elvis’ final Graceland Christmas with Lisa Marie: ‘I’d get chills, it was beautiful’ | Music | Entertainment

Just like most of us, Elvis Presley loved Christmas and The King wouldn’t hold back on decorating his Graceland mansion, with the lights and Christmas trees staying up until his birthday on January 8. The late star’s tradition would be to host his inner circle, the Memphis Mafia, at the house on Christmas Eve for an incredible all-night party.

One of the lucky few to be invited was Danny Smith, the son of Elvis’ cousin Billy, who is the last surviving original Memphis Mafia member. The childhood friend of Lisa Marie has previously shared his amazing experiences of Christmas at Graceland on his YouTube channel, Memphis Mafia Kid.

In one video, he said: “Elvis loved Christmas and wanted to make sure that Graceland was lit up and decorated beautifully.” He shared how his heart would be racing and said: “It’s something you just can’t get out of your mind, it was beautiful.”

On Christmas Eve, the Memphis Mafia would arrive at Graceland where lots of festive food had been laid out around the mansion for them to enjoy. But the big moment would be when Elvis came downstairs to greet everyone, with Danny saying he would get chills in anticipation.

The King and the other adults would then socialise in the Jungle Room or upstairs in his bedroom.

Meanwhile, Danny, Lisa Marie and the other Memphis Mafia kids were free to run around Graceland playing all sorts of games from hide and seek to chucking an American football around.

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Lisa Marie still sees Christmas at Graceland as a very special time of year and brings her family to celebrate during the holidays. The mansion may be a touring museum, but it’s still home to Elvis’ daughter who enjoys family dinners there sometimes.

When she’s visiting, her china is brought out for serving and the 1970s kitchen appliances are switched on. The family eat in the dining room by the front door with an extra table is added so there’s enough space for everyone.


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