Dragon Age 4 Will Be Revealed At The Game Awards, Release Still Years Away – Rumor

Only final week, BioWare seemed to advise that a new Dragon Age project competence be denounced during The Game Awards this year. It seems like where there is smoke, there competence be fire. GamesBeat reports that according to a sources, BioWare and EA are indeed scheming to exhibit Dragon Age 4 at a eventuality this week.

However, a exhibit will be utterly a lot like a exhibit for Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6 was—that is, a diversion itself is apparently years divided from release, yet EA and BioWare are announcing a diversion to hype fans up. Right now, even a pretension for a diversion doesn’t seem to have been staid on, yet a news suggests that EA competence finalize that forward of a exhibit this week.

As for a release, it’s “at slightest 3 years from now”, according to a report, definition we won’t see it until a subsequent era during a earliest. But, as a fad around The Elder Scrolls 6 shows us already, fans are substantially going to be hyped only meaningful that a new diversion is on a way—no matter how distant down a line it competence be.